Rooted, Alex later on says to Harper you to she intends to earn the brand new Genius Battle

Rooted, Alex later on says to Harper you to she intends to earn the brand new Genius Battle

The movie

In the event that Russo family unit members is preparing alone having a holiday into the the newest Caribbean, Harper was reluctantly pulled to your a good skirmish inside the Ny train by Alex, and therefore almost causes the fatalities. She actually viewed again on movie.

12 months step three

From inside the season 3 Harper endures an infestation regarding giants inside The newest York, a group of monster hunters seeking to stop her, and helping the Russo the help of its Halloween party. Although not, the new arrival away from Stevie places a-strain to the Harper and Alex’s dating when Stevie ties that have Alex more than its reckless access to miracle, and you may Harper are constantly overlooked of the activities. Whenever Stevie tries to lead a wave up against the Wizard business, Harper’s religion you to definitely Alex perform happily intimidated.

12 months cuatro

Immediately after Alex gets within the Wizard Battle, Harper tries to help Alex to live on instead of relying on miracle. Harper and you will Alex carry out afterwards see a keen Angel-simply bar inside Los angeles (concealed once the angels) that have Rosie and you may Justin, but their decreased flying results reasons suspicion over what they its are. It be able to encourage the remainder at club which they are angels, however, this only lasts for an initial period of time, and so are considered Angels from Darkness.

 Shortly after graduating regarding Tribeca Preparing, Alex and you will Harper want to move into an apartment but i have to earn money to fund they. It mount a puppet-show but Alex’s usual laziness causes Harper carrying out everything you by yourself. Both come out, and so Alex shrinks Zeke and you can Justin which will make her own puppet-show. This initial upsets Harper, while the the woman is come upstaged because of the Alex, but Alex tells the lady one to she’s generated sufficient currency to go towards the an apartment and would not should get out rather than Harper. Harper alerts the woman that she cannot constantly await what to not work right before Alex do the proper matter, however, agrees to go aside with her.

It propose to transfer to a secret secret floor that is manage from the Gorog from inside the disguise, however, Harper must pretend she’s a wizard manageable to live on here. This woman is given a training wand from the Justin (that can just unlock one thing), and you may openly features which have miracle, although not minimal. While you are here, it hold a party dating polish hearts that is weighed down from the banshees, assist a ghost, and tries to opposite Mr. Laritate’s zombie transformation. Whenever Felix satisfies the brand new ebony front side and casts an effective enchantment that can’t become reversed, Harper ‘s the just one who can stay away from (while the spell is supposed for usage into the phenomenal animals merely). She seems to get to the Russo Lair where she uses the Abracadooler to contact Max, whom facilitate their save Alex and you can Justin (that each other nonetheless swept up regarding the flat strengthening).

On the event Harpella, Harper gets changed into Cinderella. The storyline merges into the About three Nothing Pigs, however, she in the course of time becomes out from the enchantment when the story stops.

Regarding latest episode, Harper and you may Zeke are grabbed because of the a griffin inside the relatives wizard battle. Alex, Justin, and you can Maximum be able to rescue him or her but are disqualified and you can eradicate its vitality. Harper temporarily tries to cause them to make up when they dispute in the whoever fault it is however, doesn’t make it. Adopting the around three try back in the group, Harper is visible cheering them with the.


Harper is among an obedient and smart college student, comparing along with her best friend. She usually informs this lady what is correct and you may what’s completely wrong, that’s often sensed this lady conscience. She will get really scared while in troubles or perhaps in anxiety, have a tendency to panicking or shouting aside screaming. Including, this lady greatest line was, “See you in PE!” Immediately following searching for Russo’s enchanting efficiency, she’d pick wonders and you will wizardry with suspicion. While the series developed, Harper develops some feeling of rebellion lower than Alex’s determine, such as whenever she helped Alex key Rosie (exactly who they considered are a guardian Angel) when planning on taking these to the Angels’ Pub, of course she ripped off Professor Crumbs towards believing that she understands on the wizardry on account of him to eliminate Alex entering issues for introducing the secret.

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